Mano Prieto Observatory



Object: NGC925

Constellation: Triangulum

Distance: 30 million light years

Commentary: NGC925 is a barred spiral galaxy with two prominent enlongated spiral arms. The distance of 30 million light years has been accurately determined using Cepheid Variables, a standard distance measuring technique.

Date Imaged: September 2005

Place: Asheville, NC

Exposure Details: LRGB: 180:60:60:60. Luminance unbinned, RGB bin 2

Processing: CCDSoft, Registar, MaxIm DL, Photoshop CS

Optics: 12.5" RCOS Truss

Focal Length: 2808mm @ f9

Mount: Paramount ME

Camera: STL6303E

Focuser: RCOS

Guiding: Internal guide-chip

Filters: Tru-Balance LRGB 2"

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