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NGC4731 is a highly disturbed spiral galaxy located in the direction of the Constellation Virgo at an approximate distance of 65 Million Light-Years. NGC4731 has been stretched and ripped by a larger neighboring elliptical galaxy, NGC4697, less than one degree away. Evident are many blue star areas and a few pinkish HII star-forming clouds. Parts of the galaxy seem to have been ripped away and flung great distances by the strong gravitational interaction with its neighbor. There doesn't appear to be much more information about NGC4731 in the scientific literature.

Object: NGC4731
Distance: 65 Million Light-Years
Magnitude: 11.3
Date: March 2010
Place: Fort Davis, TX
Exposure Details: LRGB:630:180:200:250 unbinned

Processing: MaxIm DL, CCDInspector, CCDStack, RegiStar, Photoshop CS3

Optics: 12.5" RCOS Truss
Focal Length: 2808 @ f9
Mount: Paramount ME Robotic
Camera: SBIG STL6303E
Focuser: RCOS
Guiding: Off-Axis with SBIG Guide Camera
Filters: LRGB Tru-Balance Gen II 2"

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