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NGC7635 Bubble Nebula


NGC7635 Bubble Nebula

DETAILS: Imaged with the 12.5" Truss RC on 080404 using an ME Robotic mount, and employing an AP.67 reducer and modifications (f6.8) to the AO-7 used for guiding with an ST-10XME SBIG camera. Five hours and 10 minutes of Ha were combined with 40 minutes each of RGB, employing Rob Gendler's Ha(Ha+R)GB technique. Processing in MaxIm DL, RegiStar, and Photoshop CS and various plug-ins. COMMENTARY: The Bubble Nebula, located in the Constellation Cassiopeia, is another emission nebula approximately 6 light-years across, the illuminated "bubble" and surrounding nebulosity are ravaged by a bright, massive star omitting fast stellar winds of ionized gases pushing the gases into expansion shells.

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