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IC342, a large and beautiful example of a grand design, face-on spiral galaxy was not discovered until 1895 by W. F. Denning. It lies near the Milky Way and the intervening gas and dust toward the center of our galaxy extincts the light by several magnitudes giving it a distinctive golder cast, with blue being the most extincted. IC342, at a distance of 10-11 million light-years, is located in the Constellation Camelopardalis, and belongs to the next nearest group beyond our own Local Group of Galaxies, the Maffei I group. Were it not for its severely extincted light, IC342 would be the brightest and grandest nearby galaxy of all. It has many HII hydrogen, star-forming regions in dimmed redish color throughout its spiral arms. Constellation: Camelopardalis Distance: 10-11 Million Light-Years Date: October 2008 Place: Fort Davis, TX Exposure Details: LRGB: 600:150:150:150 all unbinned Processing: MaxIm DL, RegiStar, CCDStack, and Photoshop CS3 Optics: 12.5\"RCOS Truss RC Focal Length: 2908 @ f9 Mount: Paramount ME Camera: STL6303E Focuser: RCOS Guiding: Off-axis using ST237 and SBIG guide camera Filters: Tru-Balance LRGB 2\"

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