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DETAILS: Jim Misti was kind enough to present the SBIB e-groups list with a Christmas present in 2005, various image sets, including M13, taken with his 32" Ritchey Cretien telescope. The luminance was 14 minutes (one minute subs), and the RGB 7 minutes each using 1 minute subs. Wonderful data, and thank you Jim. This will be on my site until I can get my own data one day. COMMENTARY: This globular cluster is one of the brightest and most famous of some 52 which have been identified in the Milky Way. Globulars are amoung the oldest objects in the Galaxy, and consist of thousands to hundreds of thousands of stars which formed soon after the Galaxy began to form stars. Its diameter is approximate 160 light-years, about 21,000 light-years distant, in the Constellation Hercules.

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