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M8 Lagoon Nebula


M8 Lagoon Nebula

DETAILS: Imaged with an LX200 10" at f6.3, CFW-8, ST-10XME, and guided with an AO-7. LRGB 60:15:15:21. Align and combine channels with CalGroups and MaxIm DL. Color combined and mild DDP applied in MaxIm DL. COMMENTARY: M8, the Lagoon Nebula, is another example of a beautiful and extensive emission nebula located in the Constellation Sagittarius at a distance of approximately 5,200 light-years. The nebula derives its name from the channel or lagoon of dark nebulosity that divides the brighter regions of emission nebulosity. The bright portions of nebulosity are interspersed with dark globules of matter which prominently stand out from the brighter background. It is a stunning object to view through an eyepiece or capture on a CCD!

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