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Constellation: Draco
Distance: 10 Million Light Years
Magnitude: 10.7

Commentary: NGC4236 is a barred spiral galaxy that is unusual in that it has no discernable core area at any wavelength. It is very faint and extremely large. It appears only as a ghostly streak of light visually due to its low surface brightness.

Date: 04-28,29-06
Location: Asheville, NC
Exposure: LRGB: 240-60-60-60 at -30c
Luminance unbinned, RGB bin 2
Processing: Processed using CCDSoft, CCDStack
Registar, Maxim, Photoshop CS

Optics: 12.5" RCOS Truss
Focal Length: 2808mm @ f9
Mount: Paramount ME
Camera: STL6303E
Focuser: RCOS
Guiding: OAG with guide camera
Filters: Tru-Balance LRGB 2"

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